Virtual Roadshow to showcase ABB industrial automation solutions


2009-06-12 - More than 2,000 professionals working industrial automation environments will assemble on June 17th via links from their office computers for a close-up view of new technology and the range of automation hardware and service solutions offered by ABB Low Voltage Products and Systems. The Virtual RoadShow includes eight (8) virtual booths, each showcasing a specific product line/family. Register today

“It’s handy, and loaded with goodies,” said Gary Weeks, who handles computer-related information, programs and events for the products and systems business units. “What is not to love?” he asks. “Right from where you are, you have access to vital information -- no travel, and no expense, required!”

The event is open to everyone that cares to register and attend the one-day show: Register Here. And there are absolutely no costs to participants, Weeks noted. While such virtual shows are beginning to occur around the country, Weeks said he believes this is the first such event sponsored by an ABB Local Business Unit. Often referred to as Controls, LVP&S is hosting the event in tandem with third-party supplier, Virtual eVents by GlobalSpec.

“Tactically, this is an extension of ABB’s commitment to get ever closer to end users,” noted Dan Carroll, vice president of Commercial Marketing for the business. “We now are taking mobile vehicles right to their parking lots, and Roadshows into local markets, to make it more and more easy for prospects and end users to interact with our wide array and deep offer of automations solutions.”

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