Visual Workplace for Lean Enterprises Catalog


Brady announces the launch of its newly updated Visual Workplace for Lean Enterprises catalog.  The new publication showcases a host of new products and provides ideas, best practices, and solutions for companies utilizing lean concepts like 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, Standard Work, and Kanban Pull Production.     The 2012 catalog offers a variety of products engineered to assist lean manufacturers in creating a visual workplace, where critical setup, operating, and inspection information is posted right at the point of use.  Brady’s complete solution capabilities are displayed from its full range of desktop and portable sign and label printers, to visual management workshops and services.   Newly-launched products and software are highlighted, including:
  •  BMP®51 Label Maker
  • ToughStripe® Floor Marking Letters and Numbers
  • Red Tags, Signs, and Stations
  • Link360™ Procedure Writing Software
  • ToughJet™ Durable Adhesive Inkjet Sheets 
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