Vocollect, the world leader in voice-directed work, today announced the availability of the new Vocollect SRX wireless headset – the first commercially available wireless voice recognition headset for use in industrial voice-recognition environments. Vocollect’s wireless, digital approach bypasses typical performance problems found in the general-purpose audio circuits of handheld and fixed terminal devices. Now users can realize the benefits of true Vocollect Voice performance with a vastly superior ergonomic experience. Dramatically different from conventional Bluetooth technology headsets, the SRX headset uniquely balances voice recognition processing between the headset and Vocollect Voice software running on the wearable or handheld computer. This latest offering accelerates Vocollect’s vision for driving customer value through enhanced productivity and performance. “Vocollect is openly and actively collaborating with mobile computing manufacturers to drive value for customers. The Vocollect SRX wireless headset will change the scope of the voice market. It brings voice-directed work into applications throughout and beyond the global supply chain,” said Jack LeVan, president and CEO, Vocollect. “The Vocollect SRX headset paves the way for users to reap benefits from Vocollect Voice on a broad range of platforms.” The Vocollect SRX headset facilitates the application of voice-directed work in work processes where a device is mounted remotely (e.g., on a forklift, pallet jack or trolley cart). Because it has no cables, the Vocollect SRX headset also helps improve user comfort and safety in busy distribution center (DC) environments. With automatic loading of operator-specific information, no cable to connect and no clip to attach, work begins in seconds. The Vocollect SRX headset is currently available from Vocollect’s global network of resellers for use worldwide with Vocollect Talkman® T5 wearable computers. Vocollect is actively working with selected handheld device manufacturers in field tests and validations. The Vocollect SRX headset fully complies with European Commission (RoHS) requirements restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
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