Void-Fill Packaging Machine


GeoSpeed 100 System, an exceptionally fast, user-friendly system designed for maximum packaging flexibility, delivers crumpled, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable kraft paper at variable speeds of up to 70 inches per second.

Whether customers need to ship products that require a material adaptable for large and small voids, or items that are environmentally sensitive, sharp, oiled or are hard to package, Pregis' GeoSpeed 100 System is the ideal product. Paper packaging material from this system is tightly crumpled and suited for void-fill, cushioning, wrapping and blocking and bracing applications.

With maximum versatility in mind, Pregis designed the GeoSpeed 100 System to dispense custom lengths or continuous on-demand cushioning to help customers realize greater productivity and efficiency. The material is much more efficient than hand crumpling or loose-fill packaging.

Pregis' GeoSpeed eliminates the need to handle and store traditional packaging, allowing paper cushioning to be made on site, on demand. Due to high-quality paper and precision engineering, the GeoSpeed 100 packaging material outperforms alternative paper systems for compression strength and product protection.

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