‘VOID ready’ Security Labels


Impossible to cleanly remove, new CILS-9200V industrial-grade security labels display an immediate‘VOID’ warning message on attempted removal, providing failsafe product protection in minutes, straightfrom an existing PC and standard office printer. The ultra high-strength, fast-curing CILS adhesive provides an instant bond to all smooth, textured,powder-coated, low-energy and oily surfaces and can survive the harshest industrial environments,perfect for all product warranty, liability and safety applications.Variable data can be added ‘in-house, on-demand’ from a standard Laser or Thermal Transfer printer,providing an instant ultra-durable security solution ‘at the click of a button’, protecting your product’sidentification, integrity and compliance.


  • failsafe product protection
  • fast-curing CILS adhesive
  • instant bond
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