VOLTS™ 4.00 Design/Build Software


Dolphins Software announces the release of VOLTS™ 4.00, Volts Standard Edition, the current version of the multi-award winning design/build software for electrical engineers, designers, and electricians. VOLTS™ automates the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with the dynamics of the electrical design process by allowing the user to interactively add, delete or modify branch circuit devices and/or conductors & cables with an easy to use, intuitive graphical software program. VOLTS™ is capable of handling any project with ease while automatically generating a complete array of reports inclusive of panel schedules, conduit and cable schedules, one-line riser diagrams, panel load summaries, material lists, voltage drop analysis with graphing and more. VOLTS™ will contribute to the success of the project by allowing the user to be more efficient, productive and profitable as the software will reduce the design effort from days to hours or less. For additional information or to download a fully functional demo visit Dolphins Software’s website at www.dolphins-software.com
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