FUJI Machine America Corporation’s new large VTP-1000 Vertical Lathe performs hard turning so precise that grinding is eliminated. Featuring gearless spindle technology and an RS-Slide structure, the VTP-1000 realizes contour and profile cutting accuracies within ±1µm on up to 40” (1m) OD gears and bearing components.

With the VTP-1000, precise roundness on high hardness materials (HR60 plus) is possible.
A variety of features further contribute to the VTP-1000’s high accuracy operation. Twin Capto C6 Receivers ensure optimum tool tip rigidity, while a magnetic chuck eliminates the distortion associated with conventional workholding methods. For thermal stability, external heat sources are insulated with containment covers. An optional external coolant chiller is available. The VTP-1000’s heightened finishing accuracies result in up to 75% shorter manufacturing time. As an option, tool holders can be offered with microchips to further prevent offset errors and verify that the tool holder is in the correct pocket.

The table diameter of the VTP-1000 is 1000mm, maximum swing is 1200mm and table load is 4000kg. Although it features a small footprint, this lathe is rigidly constructed. The column and bed (75% of the total machine weight) are made of heavy cast iron. These components are not affected by thermal growth. The VTP-1000 is designed for easy integration into an automated work cell. Some industries benefiting from the VTP-1000 include gear, construction, wind-power energy, high-speed rail, aerospace and shipbuilding equipment.
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