Walkie truck with Corrosion/Washdown Package


Yale Materials Handling Corporation, a market leader in lift trucks, introduces a more environmentally-friendly walkie truck for the warehouse. The new MPW-050-W complete with Yale’s Heavy Corrosion/Wash Down Package offers an EPA- and FDA-friendly option for general warehousing and refrigerated food applications. With Yale’s galvanization process, the MPW is better able to meet the environmental demands of the refrigerated warehouse as well as the highly corrosive washes that are required by the EPA, without components rusting or impact on component’s performance. Yale’s MPW-050-W truck with the Heavy Corrosion/Wash Down Package reduces the overall cost of maintenance and operation by eliminating the need for accelerated truck painting schedules in these tough environments. The walkie’s unique corrosion-resistant metal treatment will protect the truck from the characteristically tough environments of food storage rooms, refrigerators and freezers. The truck’s galvanized frame, lift linkage, battery well and fork weldment were developed for highly corrosive wash down applications which typically display accelerated surface rust and corrosion. The walkie’s controller is enclosed and sealed to protect it from water during the wash down process. The MPW-050-W, with a 5,000 pound capacity, is ideal for general warehouse, refrigerated cooler (0° to +120° F) and freezer (-40° to +120° F) applications. Yale also offers a full line of walkie pallet trucks that can turn easily in a trailer and navigate through high-density areas or narrow aisles with exceptional maneuverability and control for most general warehousing applications.
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