Wall-Mount Room Air Temperature Monitoring System


NORTH HILLS, CA—Moore Industries' T2X-DWB Wall-Mount Room Air Temperature Monitoring System is designed for monitoring indoor conditions in production facilities—such as in semiconductor, micro-electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotech processes—where maintaining stable ambient temperature is required for on-spec product and predictable yields.

Enclosed in an easy-to-install surface-mount wall box, the T2X-DWB uses a precision 1000 ohm platinum RTD to provide highly-accurate temperature readings (±0.5°C input accuracy with ±0.1% of span output accuracy). It provides a 4-20mA output that is linear with temperature, and ready for direct interface with a monitoring/control system. Up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations reduces maintenance requirements.

Input, output and other operating parameters can be set in a minute or less using the company’s free Intelligent PC Configuration Program.
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