Water Cooled 8000W Power Converter


Schaefer, Inc. introduces the CW5300 Series of water
 cooled, 8000 Watt DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules. The Series’
 compact, yet robust,  design yields an extremely high power density,
 offering a space-saving solution for even the most extreme
 environments in industries such as railway controls/communications
 equipment (onboard and trackside), military, alternative energy,
 transportation, and process control systems.

 The CW5300 Series is available in 5 standard DC input voltage ranges
from 80-800VDC,  as well as 3-phase AC input voltages including 3 x
 200VAC,  3 x 400VAC, and 3 x 480VAC.  Single outputs are available
 in 9 standard ranges spanning 14-400VDC.  All outputs are adjustable
 and fully regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line).

 All modules in the CW5500 Series have remote sensing (up to 150VDC
 output), overvoltage protection, and current limit protection.
 Efficiencies are up to 95%.  Operating temperature is  -20C to +75C,
 with -40C to +75C as an option.

 The units are packaged in a space saving 5U x 19” x 600mm (HxWxD)
 rack module and incorporate terminal / bolt / bar connection points.
 Available options include decoupling diodes for parallel / redundant
 operation, “ruggedization”, inhibit, Power Fail / DC-OK alarms,
 system reset, active current sharing, and programming.


• DC input: 80 - 800 V • AC input: 3-phase, 47 - 400 Hz • DC output: 12 / … / 400 V
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