“Wave” Strain Relief- Ideal for Medical Cable Applications


C&M Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance cables and assemblies for worldwide markets, has developed a unique cable strain relief that is very beneficial for the health care equipment industry. Cable strain reliefs, up until now, have been constructed with chambered slots to provide the necessary flexibility while still maintaining a durable connection between the cable and connector. An issue in medical applications was the ability to properly clean the chambered configurations and its corresponding cable connections - critical for medical usage. A straight, smooth surface strain relief - while easier to clean - does not withstand the rigors of bending and flexing that occurs with medical equipment cabling, thereby producing a possible connection failure during a critical medical procedure To meet this challenge, C&M‘s engineers have developed a new durable strain relief, made out of medical-grade silicone rubber, offering customers the smooth, cleanable surface of a straight strain relief and the flexibility of the chambered-style strain reliefs. These new RoHS-compliant strain reliefs would be applicable wherever a cable is used in a dynamic application and requires ease of cleaning. The new configuration is also not restricted to silicone rubber construction, but may also be produced in PVC, polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomer formulations.
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