WEATHER GUARD® Sliding Ladder Rack


CRYSTAL LAKE, ILL. – June 2006 – Knaack Manufacturing Company has introduced its new WEATHER GUARD® interior Sliding Ladder Rack (Model No. 250). This new ladder rack mounts on the inside roof of a van or truck with a metal cap or an enclosed trailer. Users have the option of loading up to an 8 foot A-frame or extension ladder onto the ladder rack.

The WEATHER GUARD sliding ladder rack is a modular system, encompassing adjustable front and rear cradle assemblies, which run along a rail. The rail is attached to the inside roof of a vehicle. The sliding ladder rack holds a ladder in place by utilizing a unique tension-locking device; there is no need for buckles, latches or ties.

“The innovative WEATHER GUARD sliding ladder rack is ideal for users who do not want to store their ladder on the floor or on the outside roof of the vehicle,” said Mike Sover, senior product manager, Knaack Manufacturing. “By using the sliding ladder rack, an end user can remove or replace his ladder in a matter of seconds, without removing or disturbing the rest of the cargo. Of equal value is having access to the rest of the supplies or tools, without having to unload and load the ladder.”

Knaack Manufacturing makes and markets a complete line of WEATHER GUARD Truck and Van Equipment, including drawer units, shelving and cabinets for vans and utility vehicles, and truck boxes and ladder racks for full size and compact pickups. It also makes and markets KNAACK® Jobsite Storage Equipment, including storage chests, work stations, rolling work benches and hand tool boxes.
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