WebMaster® WIND Industrial Water Controller


WIND is the newest addition to Walchem’s WebMaster® family of controllers. It has a flexible multi-input/output platform, a wide range of analytical sensor measurement capabilities, and an extensive assortment of integrated communications and data handling features that make it the perfect solution for applications in wastewater, metal finishing, food & beverage, environmental, and drinking water. WIND is unlike any other online industrial water controller. It fully integrates the functions of a transmitter, PLC, data logger, and auto-dialer into a rugged, industrial, NEMA 4X package. Key Benefits: • Fully integrates functions of transmitter, PLC, data logger, and auto dialer in to a rugged, industrial, NEMA 4X package • No proprietary software required - just a web browser • No expensive PLC programming or re-programming – all changes are made intuitively using a standard web browser • Extensive built-in Plug-n-Play communications options: Ethernet, USB, Landline modem, Cell Modem • A wide range of direct sensor measurements: pH, ORP, Contacting and Electrodeless Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Peracetic Acid • Access live or stored data remotely within the facility (LAN) or from anywhere in the world • Instant alarm notification via cell phone text message, email, or local alarm relay • System status reports and data log files can be emailed automatically.


• Input Power: 100-240VAC ±10% 12A, 50/60Hz • Analog Input Signals: 4-20 mA, 2 or 3-wire(8 optional) Internally powered by 24VDC 25 ohm input resistance 1000 ohm maximum load • Outputs: • Mechanical relays(8 standard): 115VAC, 10 Amp resistive, 1/8hp230VAC, 6 Amp resistive, 1/8hp
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