Wedge Conveyor Ensures Quick and Easy Vertical Transport


Bosch Rexroth has expanded its line of VarioFlow S chain conveyor systems to include the new wedge conveyor. These conveyors provide a compact footprint, and enable users to elevate or lower products quickly and easily with a minimum of construction effort. Flexible cleat chains gently secure the product during vertical transport from one level to the next, and are constructed of special, FDA-approved material. With versions available in aluminum and stainless steel, the new wedge conveyor complies with the strict hygiene requirements of the medical, cosmetic and packaging industries.
The entire VarioFlow product family, including the new wedge conveyor, features quick assembly, easy cleaning and requires very low maintenance thanks to open profiles. The wedge conveyor is also suitable for product cleaning processes involving a 180 degree rotation. Using a special assembly module, chains are tightened in a matter of minutes, and clip fasteners allow for the easy replacement of single chain links.

Curves have been standardized for 45 and 90 degree angles with 250, 500 and 1000 mm radii, allowing for easy configuration of complex conveyor sections, and adaptability to specific applications. The drive heads for wedge conveyors are equipped with closed guiding rails, and are available with gear motors in varying speeds, voltages, frequencies and with variable frequency drives.

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