Wi-Fi Bridges Speed Signals, Slash Wiring Cost


Computer prices fall, but cable costs do not, nor do the labor costs of stringing cables. Wireless bridges easily slash the cost of installing and maintaining the serial networks at the heart of industrial systems.

CyberResearch® WTS series Wi-Fi bridges can work with an access point or work in dedicated pairs. Steel-encased WTS 1601E and 1602E wireless bridges are built to withstand the bumps and knocks that come with life on the plant floor. Each of their ports is individually configurable for RS-232, 422, or 485 communication.

These models do not buffer incoming data, so their ultra-low latency makes them suitable for critical applications such as CNC/DNC, energy management, security, access control, materials handling, logistics, and intelligent traffic systems. The compact WTS 1201 and 1601 are ideal for monitoring and managing remote devices such as data loggers, temperature sensors, general-purpose data acquisition, and control systems where absolute minimum response time is not crucial. These bridges are ideal for temperature extremes, with operating temperatures that range from -40¡F to +185¡F.

In addition to Wi-Fi Bridges - now shipping from stock from $245 - CyberResearch, Inc., also offers other serial communication devices, rugged industrial PCs and monitors, as well as CPU cards, data acquisition, and motion-control systems.
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