Wide-Format Thermal Transfer Printer


K-Sun Corp. introduces PipeMarker V8™, a new software program for Microsoft Windows® 7 & 8, along with a new 300-dpi, wide-format thermal transfer printer called the PEARLabel® 400iXL. Bundled with the PipeMarker™ V8 software is the new one- to four-inch capacity printer with easy access, front-cartridge loading of K-Tape supplies. 

The new software and printer make it easy for users to design and print safety compliant pipe markers, tags and labels in-house and on-demand. Resin thermal transfer ribbons provide a durable image on all-weather olefin adhesive-backed materials for long-lasting markers and labels. The software has more than 500 pre-defined compliant pipe markers in English, Spanish and bilingual formats. Users also can create customized pipe markers and add QR and DataMatrix 2-D bar codes, text, numbers, logos, symbols and more to any pipe marker, tag or label. 


  • 300-dpi
  • new software program
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