Winning the Money Game


Winning the Money Game is a must read for anyone who wants to know the real truth about achieving financial independence. Find out what you don't know about spending, saving, investing, insuring, and planning wisely for the future.


Chapters deal with:

  • The problem with traditional financial planning
  • Economic/financial principles & wealth building formulas
  • Myth—My home is my biggest investment
  • Myth—I'm safer with my home mortgage paid off
  • Myth—Compound interest in taxable accounts is a good thing
  • Myth—Knowing if you are a debtor, saver, or wealth creator is not important
  • Myth—It doesn't matter what's in your garage
  • Myth—I will pay less tax by putting money in my 401K
  • Myth—Stock & mutual funds are the only place to earn double digit returns
  • Smart tax planning strategies
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