Eagle MHC announces the introduction of new Hybrid Shelving for heavy-duty high-density four-post systems. Engineered for special storage requirements in environments such as healthcare services, museums and archival storage, this new system features open-wire shelves for greater visibility and better air circulation to reduce dust and moisture build-up that can harm stored items. The hybrid shelving also improves the effectiveness of fire suppression systems. Eagle’s hybrid shelving is easy to put together as a new installation ... or as a retrofit to an existing shelving system. It features wire shelves that are load-tested to 250 lbs., along with a 62% laminar flow rating. Because the corners are notched to fit around existing posts, the shelves mount easily and securely over the two cross-braces of any four-post high-density system – all without requiring the use of tools. The shelf turndown rests on the outside of the heavy-duty crossbar, while a truss support (two truss supports on wider shelves) provides the extra load-bearing strength. New hybrid shelving from Eagle MHC is available in a standard high-density four-post series, featuring shelving widths ranging from 15 inches to 36 inches and lengths from 30 inches to 48 inches. A case work series is also offered, featuring similar widths, along with lengths ranging from 28 inches to 46 inches. Optional shelf dividers are also available.


• Shelf Width |(in., mm)- 36˝, 914 • Weight (lbs, kg)- 2.7, 1.2
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