Wireless Emergency Notification System


Case Study – Wireless Emergency Notification System

Since its inception in 2003, Adalet Wireless has solidified its position as a leader in the manufacture of industrial wireless systems. Recognized worldwide for its 75 years of achievements in both the design and engineering of these explosionproof and industrial enclosure systems, Adalet has earned a stellar reputation in the industry by meeting the individual needs of clients in industrial locations, Class 1 and Division 1 areas. Both Adalet and Adalet Wireless offer worldwide solutions for enclosure systems and industrial wireless systems.

A particular wireless client, a chemical manufacturing plant , was challenged to find the solution to a myriad of problems brought about by the outdated, hard-wired sensor monitoring system. In this facility, the environment of the chemical plant had compromised both the monitors and the wiring of the sensor monitoring system to the point that it had become ineffective. Like many similar plants, extreme temperatures and vibration had taken their toll. The customer needed to modernize and simplify the system. They had to eliminate the hassle of running conduit and wire throughout their entire industrial facility. Wanting to abolish the constraints of the old system, the customer needed to find a new sensor monitoring system that produced greater efficiency – taking accurate and frequent measurements, while keeping cost, labor and installation factors in mind.

The Adalet Wireless sensor monitoring system acts as a plant-wide emergency notification system. It is responsible for notifying employees of an emergency anywhere in the plant, in order to ensure complete evacuation. It had to be completely fail-proof and the Adalet Wireless product offering fit the bill.

Adalet Wireless was able to completely eliminate the need for conduit and wiring, and thus reduce the costs of transporting pertinent data. With an industrial wireless system, the data could be transmitted virtually anywhere in explosion-proof Division 1 areas. This was a necessary factor for our customer. In their case, certain areas couldn’t hear the alarm. They deal with long distances and some remote locations and conduit was too costly and not a viable option.

Adalet Wireless installed a system that sounds an alarm and activates beacons/receivers, placed strategically through the facility. This rugged NEMA 4X wireless system is powered by an Adalet Wireless AWT-N-B battery powered system and covers a distance of 3000+ square feet, measuring temperature, pressure and other data signals. Each transmitter sends the relevant data gathered by the sensors via a radio signal, and acts as a “watch dog” in the event of abnormal readings or problems. Systems can be programmed to report their status to a central controller or operator.

The monitors and receivers can be placed almost anywhere, without the constraints of conduit or wiring, providing a significant improvement from the old hard-wired system. With the Adalet Wireless system, there is virtually no location in the plant where a monitor and/or receiver cannot be facilitated.

The transmitted data is set at intervals in the range of 1-60 seconds or certain times throughout the day. The Adalet Wireless AWT transmitter, which communicates with several AWR receivers, measures and transmits 4-20mA temperature/pressure signals while providing safe and effective reliability. It is part of an Adalet Wireless package that includes the NEMA 4X enclosure, thermocouple, RTD (pressure transducer inputs, self-contained lithium battery, radio transmitter, antenna and receiver unit – enabling the user to have a competitive edge. The entire system was installed with minimal down-time, producing one of the major benefits to the system – ease of implementation. The installation of the system is quick and easy – occurring in hours, instead of days. It removes prior wiring limitations, and will provide a huge savings when taking into account engineering labor and the high cost involved. Especially when it comes to troubleshooting connections or having connections fail. For example, if a crack in the line was discovered in the old system, the entire area would need to undergo maintenance, and in some instances, a few locations were simply impossible to access. With the Adalet Wireless system, these hardships are removed. Simply put, the Adalet Wireless system provides a less complex hardware system which enables it to be much less costly, and requiring almost no maintenance.

For any industrial/harsh environment, the results provide a huge return on investment, allowing customers to profit from the wireless application convergence. This system provides reliability far superior to that of the old.

Did the installment of Adalet Wireless maximize our customer’s system functionality and provide technology improvement? “So far, we are very happy with Adalet Wireless,” claims the customer, “they’ve saved us a considerable amount of time … and a considerable amount of money.”

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