Wireless Equipment Monitor with Minute Meter and Event Counter


Monitor total run time and number of operations wirelessly from any PC. With the XR4-EQM you can monitor multiple pieces of equipment, machines and vehicles from any PC. Receive Automatic email notification of user defined time limits and/or cycles of operation from each monitor. This system can be networked with TCP/IP
communication to monitor equipment from multiple facilities all from one central PC. The simple browser interface (i.e. Internet Explorer) provides easy access and can be password protected to protect
unauthorized access. Each Sensor Server (receiver) can log data from up to 100 Equipment Monitors. Monitor over 30 years of operation before rollover.

XR4-EQM features:
• Battery Operated For a Truly Wireless Installation
• Monitors Contact Closure
• Will Accumulate Up To 16,777,215 Minutes and Operations Before Rollover
• Monitor Usage Patterns with Time Stamped Historical Data Logs
• Export Data For Use In Other Applications
• Serial or Ethernet (TCP/IP) Communication
• Each Monitor Contains a Unique RF ID
• Replaceable Battery Lasts 3 Years
• Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosure For Harsh Environments (NEMA 4X)
• Up To 600ft Radio Range
• Polycarbonate Enclosure (3.7” x 2.55” x 2.25”)
• Cost Saving Technology


• Transmission Rate – 35 • Transmission Range (LOS)* - 600 • Transmission Range (Indoor)* - 200 • Dimensions - 3.5x3.5x2.4 • Weight - 4.7 • Battery life with tansmissions - 3
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