Wireless Safety System


Carlo Gavazzi has launched our new Wireless Safety System (WSS / WSM) for industrial automatic doors. The system eliminates the spiral cables between door and door controller, eliminating a weak point in traditional door protection systems. The WSS / WSM System consists of a main controller (WSM), subcontroller (WSS), and photoelectric safety edge sensors (PB11), and is also compatible with many other safety edge products already on the market. An operating range of 10m (33 ft) between the main controller and subcontroller allows use on large doors. 

Each main controller can control up to four subcontrollers. Each subcontroller in turn can monitor two safety edges, or one safety edge and one door-in-door sensor. Thus a total of up to eight doors can be monitored by a single main controller. They are ideally suited for large multi-door warehouses and distribution centers. The main controller is connected to the safety input of the main door or gate control panel which operates the doors. The wireless subcontroller is powered by one to four batteries (user can determine how many batteries they wish to use), for extended operation time of over one year. 

The controllers and subcontrollers are fully synchronized and multiplexed, operating on 16 different channels, so no crosstalk interference can occur amongst individual sensors. The system meets all relevant global standards, and complies with all FCC and Canada IC regulations. With cUL and CE approvals for assurance of high quality and safety. 


  • control up to four sub controllers
  • fully synchronized and multiplexed
  • 16 different channels

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