Wireless Transmission Checker


Saelig Company, Inc. has  introduced the RF-id SOLO, which quickly and accurately determines the frequency of virtually any wireless transmitter, providing a simple and accurate way to read the frequencies of wireless audio and industrial communications equipment.   The compact handheld RF-id SOLO instantly reads both analog and digital wireless single-carrier transmission frequencies from 50MHz to 2.5GHz.  Determining the frequency of a transmitter is as simple as holding it near the RF-id SOLO for a reading that is accurate to within 10Hz (e.g. "477.340MHz").    

Measuring only 1.9 x 3.3 x 0.75 inches, the lithium-ion rechargeable battery-powered unit can also be powered with external 5-volt DC power (supply included.)  Power consumption allows many hours of use before recharging, with the auto-off feature extending operation time. Three membrane buttons (Light/Menu/Hold) provide access to all functions. The RF-id SOLO is supplied with two antennas. The near-field antenna is useful for measurements for transmitters within inches of the source, and a 3" antenna can be used for further-field measurements.  A signal strength bargraph meter on the LCD screen is useful for estimating the relative strength of a transmitter. With the unit's LCD readout, the user can confirm exact frequencies and transmission signal strength, avoiding the need to handle the transmitter (which often involves menu scrolling and converting Group & Channel readouts to frequency values).  Since it works with both digital and analog single carrier transmissions in the 50MHz to 2.5GHz range, the RF-id SOLO can be used with transmitters such as commercial RFID tags, industrial wireless systems, 2-way radios, listening devices, intercoms, and cell phones, provided that the signals are not spread-spectrum or frequency hopping.  


  • determines the frequency of virtually any wireless transmitter
  • battery-powered 
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