WolfPack™ Modular Indoor Air Quality Area Monitor


GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Trumbull, Connecticut introduces a new Area Monitor for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and for other environmental monitoring applications.
The WolfPack is a fully modular system: plug in one, up to three GrayWolf DirectSense® probes with up to six sensors installed per probe. Add a particle counter, airspeed probe, ?P or other sensors: up to 21 parameters may be monitored simultaneously. The same probes, as part of the modular design, may alternately be connected to a Windows Mobile Pocket PC® or Vista® OS mobile PC for hand-held, walkthrough surveys, spot checking and spot logging.
Available parameters include: TVOCs, Carbon Dioxide, %RH, °C/°F, Particulates, auto-zeroing Differential Pressure and Air Velocity. Sensors for these parameters all exhibit rapid response and are highly accurate. In addition, up to 18 specific electrochemical gas sensors (CO, O3, NH3, NO2, NO, H2S, SO2, Cl2, HCN, HCl, etc.) are available.
The WolfPack has a tactile color screen and is powered by an embedded WinCE® operating system running GrayWolf’s WolfSense® 2009 application software. WolfSense 2009 offers a broad range of user-friendly features. A unique workflow feature handholds users through data-logging set-up; easily customized for very specific applications, allowing less experienced operators to take advantage of more advanced functions. On-board features also include: Video help, Parameter details (typical sources, typical background levels, health effects, etc.), Sensor info (basic sensor care, cross-interferences, specifications, etc.), Application related documents, In-situ text notation, In-situ audio notation…and much more.
Once measurements have been trend-logged over time; review, analyze and report on the data and field-collected notes with the included WolfSense PC software. Optional Advanced Report Generator software automates the entire reporting process.
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