World’s First 100 VA Inherently Limited Class 2Transformer


Foster Transformer introduces the 100 VA SURVIVOR Class 2 transformer, the highest capacity inherently limited class 2 transformer in the world. This is the newest in the line of SURVIVOR series transformers with patented short circuit and overload protection which allows them to withstand a direct short circuit in excess of 15 days.

All SURVIVOR transformers, including the 100 VA model, are classified as Inherently Limited. This eliminates the need for external protection or the problematic internal fusing. It also extends the range of Class 2 transformers allowing them to be used in intermittent duty applications that would cause the fuses or circuit breakers used by other manufacturers to open. Elimination of external fusing lowers the installed cost and total cost of ownership of the product since no servicing of this protection is required. Field-replaceable fuses also include risks that field personnel may bypass the protection or install a larger fuse thereby defeating the protection and creating a safety hazard. SURVIVOR inherently limited transformers provide the protection without the costs or potential risks associated with external fusing.

Because they withstand overload conditions, SURVIVOR transformers can be sized for the average or continuous current load – this is a less expensive option the specifying oversized transformers which are not “inherently limited” to handle in-rush at start-up or peak current draw. A single larger transformer can now replace multiple smaller transformers, streamlining production and curtailing inventory costs.

These innovative transformers can significantly lower warranty costs while increasing customer satisfaction, making them ideal for medical instruments, devices and applications, HVAC and refrigeration, control panels, appliance, vending, battery charger and other applications requiring a class 2 transformer.

The 100VA SURVIVOR model is available with either 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz ratings. Primary input voltages include 115 V, 115/230 V, and 200/230 V with 24V output. Each size/model includes UL Recognized Class 130 (B) insulation. IEC, EN and CE compliant designs are available. A full range of standard SURVIVOR models are available from 40 to 100VA. Alternate versions can be configured to meet specific customer requirements.
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