World’s Highest Force Voice Coil Actuator


The world’s highest direct drive voice coil actuator, model NCC08-75-3000-3X, can generate a continuous force of 300 lb. and a peak force of 900 lb. at a duty cycle of 10%. A moving mass of just under 8 lb. allows for a maximum theoretical continuous acceleration of nearly 38 G’s. The NCC08-75-3000-3X has a stroke of 0.8 in. and a motor constant of 17.6 lb./sqrt(watt).The voice coil motor requires 4 amps of continuous current and 12 amps of peak current to generate the specified forces.The massive actuator has a diameter of 7.47 in. and a retracted length of 8.15 in.


The moving coil design ensures a hysteresis free movement as the bobbin is constructed of aluminum while the non-commutated coil allows for ripple-free motion and no cogging.The voice coil actuator has been designed with a thru hole in the magnet and coil assemblies.This allows for the integration of a shaft and bearing system through the center of the motor.Alternatively, the actuator can be used in many applications where a thru hole would be necessary such as focusing applications or fiber optic routing.

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