World’s Next Generation Motor Starter with Advanced Solid-State Protection


Machine engineers and designers alike have experienced the panic caused by last-minute customer design changes. Schneider Electric’s next generation motor starters can help eliminate those complexities and costs for customers. The built-in intelligence of the Telemecanique® brand TeSys® U-Line LUS motor starter combines the traditional power and control functions of a motor starter with a modular structure that provides the ultimate in design flexibility.

“The TeSys U-Line LUS motor starter offers solid-state motor protection, quick selection, easy installation and modular components that reduce inventory,” said Steve Ewankowich, controls product manager, Schneider Electric.

Retrofitting is simplified with modular control units for various protection and control functions and plug-in function modules. The motor starter also can easily be integrated into any automation system with its communication and interface modules for network protocols. The compact size of the U-Line LUS motor starter saves up to 50 percent of panel space over traditional solutions. In addition, the overload relay plugs into the front of the contactor, reducing the number of wire connections by half and significantly lowering installation time.
The TeSys U-Line LUS motor starter can significantly reduce machine downtime and decrease troubleshooting with its self-diagnosis capabilities. It provides operators with direct access to important motor starter information, such as pre-alarm, motor data display, remote reset, differentiated error display and memorization of the last five errors. In addition, PowerSuite™ programming software can be used to parameterize the multifunctional control unit locally or remotely using a PC or pocket PC.

The U-Line LUS motor starter’s motor current and control voltage are determined by the control unit selected, which can be snapped into the power base by hand without any wiring. Broad setting ranges and AC/DC multirange voltages enable just six control units to meet the requirements of any application.
The TeSys U-Line LUS motor starter joins the award-winning U-Line LUB self-protected motor starter in the highly successful U-Line family. The LUB self-protected motor starter has a breaking capacity of 42 kA at 480 VAC and meets requirements for UL 508 Type E self-protected starters. An additional rating is available with the current limit module at 65 kA at 600 VAC (delta) and 130 kA at 480 VAC (wye).

Both the LUS and LUB starters can operate at ratings of up to 20 HP at 480 VAC. They also are RoHS compliant and conform to IEC/EN 60947-6-2.
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