World's Smallest Servo Drive


Elmo Motion Control announced today a new addition to the Whistle family of servo drives-- the Whistle 20A/100V. The new miniature servo drive delivers up to 3.3 kW of peak power. The Whistle is ideal for applications such as robotics and semiconductor manufacturing, lab automation requiring high servo performance and compactness.  It is particularly attractive for DC bus applications of up to 96VDC due to its compact size, high power density, intelligence, efficiency and extensive motion control capabilities.

Elmo Motion Control's Whistle consists of a series of intelligent miniature digital servo drives for DC brush and brushless motors, linear motors and voice coils. The matchbox-sized servo drive weighs only 1.8 oz (50 g) and supports up to 20 amps of continuous current, 100 VDC. Its high density performance delivers 3300W peak power and 1650W continuous power. The drive operates on DC power. The Whistle is an efficient and cost saving PCB mounted device.

The Whistle is based on Elmo's core motion control technology and benefits from advanced programming capabilities, full set of feedbacks, versatile power capabilities and communication support. The Whistle is capable of operating in position, velocity and current control modes and contains a wide range of feedback and I/O options. By using Elmo's software, users can easily perform drive setup, configuration, tuning, analysis and programming.


• Up to 3.3 kW of peak power • Delivers up to 20 Amps of continuous current, (40Apeak) 100 VDC
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