WT Series Wire Twisters


Eraser's WT Series Wire Twisters are quick to set up, easy to use and can twist wires with or without connectors. The units can twist wires up to *" OD (6.35mmø) or two 16AWG (1.30 mmø) stranded wires. Twisting is completed without damaging the conductors. The twisters incorporate a speed control and a counter for a consistent number of clockwise or counter-clockwise twists. The units are electric-foot-pedal activated. Custom twisting heads can be quoted for unique applications.


• Wire size: Maximum outside diameter of all wires to be twisted:1/8" OD (3mmø) or not exceeding two stranded wires 0.052" OD (1.3mmø) in diameter. • Twist length : to 20' • Twist quantity L: to 9,999 twists per cycle • Twist speed :Variable from 0 to 26 turns per second • Power :115V 50/60Hz
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