WypAll X60 Wiper Dispensing System Helps Reduce Consumption, Costs and Waste


t a time when facilities are looking for ways to reduce costs as well as waste, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a new controlled dispensing system for its WypAll X60 wipers that helps customers consume less, waste less and spend less on industrial wipers. The system offers one-at-a-time dispensing, which helps reduce both waste and costs by controlling the amount of product that is dispensed with each pull. Because it is easier to use, the new dispensing system is also expected to increase worker efficiency. WypAll X60 wipers bring the absorbing power of Hydroknit technology to a lighter-weight wiper, combining versatile performance and economy for light-duty tasks. Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power, the wipers provide strength when wet or dry. While WypAll X60 wipers are tough enough for big jobs, they are also soft enough to wipe the face and hands. Ideal for general manufacturing, automotive, plastics, rubber, woodworking and food processing environments, WypAll X60 wipers are also available in a high-capacity box, ¼ fold, flat sheet, small and jumbo roll formats. Typical applications include: Applying thinners and solvents. Cable lubricant removal. Adhesive cleaning. Removing grease and soil in tight areas. WypAll X60 wipers and other WypAll brand wipers are a safe and clean alternative to rags and reusable shop towels. The wipers absorb water faster than rags and will not fall apart when used with solvents. WypAll X60 wipers also contain no adhesives or binders and leave no residue.
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