In response to manufacturing’s desire for an economical “shop-floor” CMM that still has the high level intrinsic accuracy and the ability to measure to repeatable precise tolerances, Wenzel is introducing the new Wenzel X-Checker Series of CMMs. Keith Mills, Xspect Solutions president says, “The X-Checker is truly a CMM design revolution. It has been designed from the ground up to perform in shop-floor production applications where environmental conditions are inconsistent. By combining the benefits of stable granite components with such things as frictionless bearings, pneumatic counterbalance, excellent gage performance, repeatability and reproducibility are being obtained. The machine provides maximum performance on-the-floor, at affordable prices starting at $50,000.” Like all Wenzel CMMs, the X-Checker has been designed and built to exacting and rugged machine tool standards. The support table can be a fine grain native-black granite plate, or a bespoke fixture plate. It can be used as a touch probe or scanning CMM. The X-Checker produces the best thermal stability with outstanding dynamic performance, tremendous stiffness and natural vibration dampening. A unique new X-shaped machine base design cast from a polymer mineral resin provides a cost-effective, rugged and stable platform. The guide-ways are covered with machine tool bellows that protect the ballscrews from dirt and contamination as well as exposed sunlight and short-term temperature variations. The CNC controller, Renishaw electronics and PC are mounted inside a lockable controller cabinet, which is located under the machine base, minimizing the CMM footprint and ensuring tamperproof operation. A flat screen monitor and keyboard are mounted on an ergonomic swivel arm. The HT400 membrane keyboard teach pendant is magnetically attached to prevent accidental damage and is fitted with a fully-integrated JoyMouse™ with eighteen remote function keys including PH10 head index and speed control. The CMM can be supplied with the industry standard Renishaw TP20, TP200 probing systems or the highly accurate SP25 scanning probe. A complimentary corresponding Renishaw stylus changer is included with every supplied X-Checker with PH10 configuration. The X-Checker is supplied with the full function OpenDMIS™ CAD software allowing for both CMM programming and reporting using the CAD model. Also, with the Xecute interface, even unskilled operators can simply launch inspection programs with just a single “click”. OpenDMIS™ software can also be used off line to allow inspection programs to be developed away from the shop floor. The X-Checker has a maximum 3D measuring speed of 700 mm/sec with maximum acceleration of 2,000mm/sec2. The CMM has a measuring range (X Y Z axes) of 750mm x 1000mm x 500mm.
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