X-ray inspection line offers latest in sensing technology plus user-friendly interface


A new X-ray inspection line is being launched by Loma Systems, Inc. The Loma X4 system offers users state-of-the art sensing technology, a new, extremely user-friendly interface and reduced cost. Traditionally, X-ray inspection units have been considered the gold standard in contaminant detection. However, the downside was that extensive workforce training was required to operate earlier generations. Loma’s new X4 line now offers new high-speed USB connectivity and a Windows XP operating system with an intuitive graphical touch screen display. Product set-up is automated and can be accomplished with minimal training. The X4 line now incorporates the latest generation line scan sensor for efficiency of X-Ray to signal conversion. This allows the system to run at lower power and increases component life and reliability. This new technology improves the X4’s ability to detect a variety of contaminants including: ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel; glass; stones, ceramic and cement; calcified bones; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Teflon® fluoropolymers; natural rubber; and product or spice clumps. The units also examine different “zones” (as in a frozen dinner, for example), with different product densities. This identifies contaminants, under filled and mis-filled zones, missing items and/or broken items. AutoTrack Technology enables image capturing at up to 2,000 scans per second with analysis at 600 pieces per minute possible. The software also self-adjusts to accommodate for variations in the product, and the one-touch help screens, as well as improved operator interface features, assures greatly improved system performance. This latest generation of X-Ray inspection also comes with optional Ethernet or LomaEnet connectivity allowing it to be tied in with other Loma inspection devices on one common network for easy access to all the data for management analysis.
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