X, Z, XY & XYZ Piezo-Nanoalignment Systems Cost Less


X, Z, XY & XYZ Piezo-Nanoalignment Systems Cost Less

The P-611 series of X, XY, XZ and XYZ nanoalignment stages were designed for cost-sensitive applications in research and industry.

They are based on ultra-low inertia piezo drives and frictionless flexure guiding systems combining high accuracy and speed.

The P-611 series provides a travel range of 100 µm per axis with nanometer resolution and high responsiveness - ideal features for positioning and alignment applications from data storage to semiconductors and photonic packaging.

Large Variety of Models
A large variety of models is available: X, XY, XZ and XYZ in both open- and closed loop configuration. The open-loop models are ideal for high-resolution positioning and scanning tasks where an external sensor or optical feedback signal is used, for example in tracking or optical alignment applications. The closed-loop versions allow absolute position control, high linearity, and repeatability based on the internal high-resolution feedback sensors.

High Resolution Sensors for Enhanced Precision
For enhanced precision and stability the integrated strain gauge sensors are mounted on the flexure guiding system.

Versatility, Hybrid Systems
Easy combination with several PI positioning systems (from manual stages to 6-axis motorized positioners) further increases versatility.

Application Examples
Nanopositioning, scanning and alignment tasks in data storage, biotechnology, optics, semiconductor technology and photonic packaging.

Features & Advantages
  • Maintenance Free: Actuators, Sensors and Guiding System
  • Not Subject to Wear & Tear
  • Low-Inertia, High Speed Solid State Positioning System
  • Fast Scanning and Settling
  • Very Compact: 44 x 44 x 44 mm (3-Axis Closed-Loop Version!)
  • Ideal for Alignment and Scanning Applications
  • 100 µm / Axis Travel Range
  • 1 nm Resolution,
  • Closed- and Open-Loop Versions
  • Large Variety of Low-Noise, High-Speed Piezo Controllers


• Active axes – X • Itegrated sensor – SGS • Open-loop travel, -20 to 120 V- 120 • Closed-loop travel – 100 • Open-loop resolution - 0.2 • Closed-loop resolution – 2 • Linearity, closed-loop - 0.1 • Repeatability - <10 • Pitch - ±5 • Yaw - ±20 • Flatness – 10 • Stiffness in motion direction - 0.2 • Unloaded resonant frequency – 400 • Resonant frequency @ 30 g – 300 • Resonant frequency @ 100 g – 195 • Load capacity - 15
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