XL Go VideoProbe®


Weighing only 3.8 pounds, the revolutionary XL Go VideoProbe® is the most portable, lightweight, high-resolution video borescope available. It can tackle inspections in small, hard to reach places such as windmills, pipelines, gas turbines, steam turbines, aircraft engines, underground sewer lines, steam generators or heat exchangers.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, the XL Go is cordless and has no tethers, offering increased access and flexibility during inspections. Its compact design and shipping case is small enough that it can be classified as carry-on luggage. The system’s durable tungsten braided insertion tube has 360-degree articulation, allowing for navigation in tight applications.

The XL Go uses the latest LED technology to transmit high quality light by a fiber optic bundle to the camera head and a VGA LCD screen provides high-resolution data display. Storage of data, in the form of jpegs, bitmaps and Mpeg video, is via a 1GB internal flash drive and a USB 2 flash memory stick. An extra USB port provides additional memory and the flash memory sticks are used for data transfer. Embedded file manager software supports file and folder creation to allow systematic data management, while a VGA port allows easy connection for external video viewing. Output images can be handled by GE’s Rhythm data capture, processing and archiving software platform, allowing comprehensive data storage and management and subsequent comparison with inspection data obtained from other inspection modalities.

The XL Go is also extremely easy to use, another important feature in areas of restricted access. It has just five operating buttons and intuitive, drop-down menus and on-screen cues.

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