XLR Conveyor from Magstar™ Enables Multi-Lane Accumulation for Products of Varying Sizes and Random Orientation


HOPKINS, MN—September 23, 2008
MagStar™ Technologies, Inc. introduces the XLR, the newest addition to MagStar’s Quickdraw® slip roller accumulation conveyor line. The XLR features multiple adjacent rollers across the full conveyor bed, making it an ideal material handling solution for multi-lane accumulation. The XLR conveyor handles products of various sizes and random orientation efficiently and effectively, while offering the 24 VDC brushless motor standard on all Quickdraw conveyors to provide speed control—variable up to 90 feet per minute.

The XLR conveyor handles dynamic loads up to 120 lbs. (60 lbs. static) and is ideal for accumulating irregular-shaped products of assorted sizes—without shingling or damage to packaging. As part of the Quickdraw family, MagStar's proprietary line of material handling and custom motion controlled products, the XLR uses a low-profile, modular, clean slip roller design and integrates easily into existing equipment lines, accommodating virtually any plant floor layout. The XLR conveyor is compatible with auxiliary devices and is available in both standard and custom lengths to cater to the most challenging assembly needs.

“The XLR provides the same sectional, flexible Quickdraw design while adding the convenience of a full slip roller conveyor bed, ensuring even products of assorted sizes and random orientation can be accumulated at once,” said Dave Helgerson, chief technology officer for MagStar. “It delivers precise product movement in multiple lanes, making it well suited for accumulating numerous products before they enter a work cell or operation. It is also compatible with auxiliary devices such as metering stops and locate nests for more sophisticated material handling applications.” Helgerson adds, “The XLR’s modularity allows it to be configured simply for new or retrofit applications, with lengths up to 120" offered and custom lengths available in 1" increments.”

Applications. The XLR delivers long-lasting operation, low power consumption, and simple installation and maintenance for a broad variety of conveyed product applications, including:

  • Cleanroom environments
  • Automotive component assembly
  • Medical device and instrument assembly
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Microelectronics production

Plus, several features of the XLR conveyor make it particularly easy to set-up and use:

  • Features slip rollers across entire conveyor bed for efficient multi-lane product flow
  • Handles dynamic loads up to 120 lbs. (60 lbs. static)
  • Provides low-profile, modular, clean design
  • Compatible with auxiliary devices such as metering stops and locate nests
  • Offers conveyor lengths up to 120" (custom lengths available)
  • Capable of variable speeds up to 90 feet per minute
  • Provides simple assembly, integration and configuration
  • Operates on 24 VDC power, with 110/230 VAC supply available

MagStar Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced conveyor solutions and custom servo motor assemblies. MagStar’s proprietary Quickdraw Conveyors are automated systems for material handling in any application, especially cleanroom and assembly applications in factory and laboratory environments. Quickdraw provides ESD protection options and low power consumption.

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