XYZ-Piezo-Scanner for AFM Provides 25 Picometers Resolution


PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for bio-nanotechnology, photonics and semiconductor applications offers a new ultra-high-resolution positioning & scanning system.
The minute P-363 PicoCube®, together with its ultra-low noise E-536 driver / controller, provide significantly higher resolution and positional stability than previous multi-axis scanning stages.

Features & Advantages: 
--High-Speed XYZ Scanner for AFM / SPM & Manipulation Tool for Nanotechnology
--Custom, High-Stiffness Shear Piezo Drives Provide up to 10 kHz Resonant Frequency for Faster Response and Higher Scanning Performance
--Ultra-Low-Noise Controller Enables 25 Picometers (0.025 nm) Resolution
--Capacitive Feedback for Exceptional Precision and Linearity
--Parallel Metrology for Better Multi-Axis Accuracy
--Small & Rugged Design with Titanium Case
--Vacuum Compatible

Typical Applications: AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) and Nanomanipulation, Bio-Technology, Nanotechnology, Nano-Imprint, Semiconductor & Data-Storage Test Equipment.

Why are PicoCube® Systems Superior?
PicoCube® systems were designed to overcome the limitations of open-loop piezo-tube based scanners which provide high resolution motion but poor linearity and trajectory guidance.
The compact PicoCube® is based on exceptionally robust, high-stiffness piezo drives rather than tubes and employs non-contact, direct-measuring, parallel-metrology capacitive sensors for position feedback. The low-inertia drives allow for a resonant frequency of 10 kHz, important for high speed scanning applications.

Why Parallel Metrology?
Parallel metrology can “see” all controlled degrees of freedom simultaneously and compensate for off-axis motion in real time. The benefits are a reduction of runout and off-axis errors, straighter multi-axis motion and improved repeatability.

The new ultra-low-noise E-536 closed-loop controller provides unprecedented positional stability and can be controlled with analog or digital signals. Extensive software support including LabView™ drivers is provided.


• Integrated sensor – Capacitive • Open-loop travel X, Y, -250 to +250 V - ±3 • Open-loop travel, -250 to +250 V - ±2.7 • Closed-loop travel X, Y - ±2.5 • Closed-loop travel - ±2.5 • Open-loop resolution - 0.03* • Closed-loop resolution - 0.1 • Linearity - 0.05 • Repeatability - 1** • Pitch / yaw in X, Y - 0.5 • Runout X, Y (Z motion) - 0.2 • Straightness in X, Y – 3 • Flatness in X, Y - <10 • Crosstalk X, Y (Z motion) – 5 • Unloaded resonant frequency in X, Y - 3.1 • Unloaded resonant frequency (Z) - 9.8 • Resonant frequency in X, Y - 1.5 (20 g) • Load capacity – 10 • Material - Titanium • Dimensions - - 30 x 30 x 40 • Mass – 225 • Cable length - 1.5
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