Y800plus Digital Panel Meters


Yokogawa announces its new line of Y800plus digital panel meters which will provide our customers the ability to make highly accurate AC and DC Voltage and Current, temperature, strain gauge and load cell measurements, as well as monitor process signals.  In addition to a metering device, the Y800plus can be used as controllers via modular dual channel relay and analog output option boards.  The unit is contained in a NEMA4x rated 1/8 DIN package and is UL and CE rated.
The new Y800plus meters offer the capability to measure AC/DC voltage (200mV-600V), AC/DC current (2mA-5A), RTD, thermocouple (types J, K, T, E, N, S and R), load cell and process signals. Accuracy on the DC voltage and current meters is ± 0.01% of full scale ± 2 counts while AC units feature true RMS measurements with an accuracy of ±0.15% of full scale. The modular design of the meters allow for the easy addition of features including dual setpoint controller/relays (solid state or form C), analog output (4-20mA and 0-10V) and digital communications (RS-232, RS-485 and RS-485 with industry standard Modbus protocol). Each meter comes with a universal power supply (high or low voltage range) as well as auxiliary excitation outputs and digital inputs for hold, peak, tare, function reset and meter reset. The Y800plus units are programmable via front panel keys or free setup software. An optional data logging software package is also available. Additionally, the unit can be purchased with an optional “blind” faceplate which has not user input keys, enhancing security to setup and data.

According to Rich Westerfield, VP of manufacturing at Yokogawa Corporation of America, the Y800plus offers tremendous flexibility at an economical price.  “The Y800plus will allow the user to order and stock one base unit that can be converted or upgraded into a myriad of instrument configurations with different measurement inputs types and ranges as well as various output options.  Through the use of modular options, the unit can be utilized as a standalone controller, measurement instrument or reporting station to a DCS.  The unit is backed by the innovation and quality that Yokogawa users have come to expect.”

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