YTX-6000 Automated X-Ray Inspection System


YTX-6000 automated x-ray inspection (AXI ) system offers semiconductor packagers complete inspection of critical hidden features and its advanced inspection algorithms provide fast and complete inspection of PCBs and other electronic assemblies. Programming of the YTX-6000 is fast and intuitive, with a typical complete inspection program being created by operators in less than 30 minutes. By utilizing a standard package library to simplify training and insure program portability across varied manufacturing lines, the YTX-6000 offers high defect detection, the fastest throughput, and quick set-up and inspection programming features. X-ray images of solder joints can be automatically analyzed to detect structural defects such as insufficient solder, voiding, shorts, and opens that typically account for up to 90% of the total defects on a complicated board. This key advantage of finding hidden defects makes the YTX-6000 the optimum choice for inspecting complicated boards with BGAs, CGAs, CSPs, or components under RF shields. YESTech's remote programming maximizes system utilization and the real-time SPC software that is provided with the system provides a valuable yield enhancement solution.
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