Z Axis Simplified Adjustment Unit


Z Axis Simplified Adjustment Unit is a long-stroke, scaled post, vertical travel positioning device commonly used in manufacturing and assembly plants to make up-and-down height adjustments as needed in positioning devices such as jig fixtures, cameras, sensors, spray nozzles and the like.  The units can also be used for slotted hole adjustments and setup changes.

The new Z Axis Simplified Adjustment units provide secure clamping to prevent shaft rotation, and they feature an easy to read scaled post, and a rack and pinion feed mechanism that allows for fast, easy adjustments with a simple rotation of the handle. The result is more accurate alignment during setup and improved stability in maintaining the proper position during operation.

Available in various lengths to accommodate travel distances ranging from 70mm to 170mm, the Z Axis Simplified Adjustment Units are ruggedly constructed to withstand repetitive long-term use.  The post material is 304 Stainless Steel. The block is made of 6063 Aluminum Alloy with a clear anodized finish and the handle is 5067 Aluminum Alloy.  The rack and pinion gears are formed of 1045 Carbon Steel. 


  • make up-and-down height adjustments
  • secure clamping to prevent shaft rotation
  • easy to read scaled post
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