Zero-Point Clamping System


DockLock is a fast, accurate, and repeatable clamping system that instantly aligns and locks vises and fixtures.


It allows user to quickly locate or remove the workholding from a machine, or move it offline or to another machine and/or back again with zero-point accuracy. With robust holding force, the workholding locks into position and remains immobile. Heavy fixtures self-align with minimal operator effort.


Once positioned, DockLock's unique collet retention system dampens vibration tendencies in the workholding setup, ensuring workholding rigidity during the machining process.



  • ±0.0002 in. repeatable mounting accuracy
  • Typical workholding setup change requiring 20 min using standard methods is accomplished in less than 2 min with the DockLock
  • Standard, medium, and heavy-duty hydraulic models have a retention force of 9,000 lb per locking cylinder
  • Heaviest duty models have a 20,000-lb retention force
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