Zinc-Rich Coating


NOF Metal Coatings North America Inc. and Curtis Metal Finishing Company teamed up last year to present a new finish called ZnCoat™, for industries such as construction, heavy equipment and agriculture.  This chemical manufacturer and coating applicator team now present ZnCoat™ Yellow and ZnCoat™ Black, aesthetic options to ZnCoat™ Silver. 
ZnCoat™, a zinc-rich coating for ferrous metals, offers several major advantages for high strength fasteners when compared to electroplated zinc.  The finish is entirely chromium-free (no hexavalent or trivalent chromium), and provides superior corrosion resistance with a thin film, without risk of hydrogen embrittlement.  Most importantly, these features are available at no extra cost when compared to zinc plating, baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief.
The addition of ZnCoat™ Yellow and ZnCoat™ Black augments the appeal of ZnCoat™ Silver, and all three versions feature:
•    Through-film passivation, which greatly extends corrosion resistance well beyond the capability of conventional zinc plate and chromate
•    Self-healing properties which protect ZnCoat™ coated articles from tool damage at installation as well as abrasion in service
•    Outstanding cyclical corrosion performance and UV weathering resistance
•    Freedom from the risk of hydrogen embrittlement
•    Consistent frictional characteristics
•    Compatibility with nylon patches, adhesives and sealants
   “ZnCoat™ Yellow, ZnCoat™ Black and ZnCoat™ Silver address’ the aesthetic needs of customers,” says Brian Lowry, Vice President – Technical Services at Curtis Metal Finishing.   “When a customer chooses one of these products, they will receive a finish with higher corrosion resistance, which translates to maintaining its attractive appearance much longer than electroplated zinc.” 


  • entirely chromium-free
  • superior corrosion resistance
  • consistent frictional characteristics
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