When the superior grip of an oil-absorbing glove was required on jobs with cut hazards, Best Glove stepped up to the plate with Zorb-IT® Ultra. This multi-purpose glove combines the best oil-absorbing qualities of sponge nitrile and the proven cut-resistance of Kevlar fibers.

The result is a longer-cuffed, cut-resistant glove that's three-quarter dipped in Best's sponge nitrile to provide protection to hands and lower arms including the back of the hand and the wrist. Recently introduced into Best Glove's Zorb-IT family of gloves, the Ultra model is proving itself on the job in a number of applications, bringing added safety to extrication, metal stamping, automotive mechanics, aluminum recycling and handling, and metal roofing job sites, plus many others that require an excellent grip and extra protection on the back of the hand and up the arm while reaching into sharp, confined spaces.

According to Best Glove R Supervisor Eric Goddard, "R deals with enhancing existing concepts to accommodate the requirements of specific tasks. The Zorb-IT® Ultra glove is a good example of how a concept evolves to meet different needs."

He points out that four to five years ago it became apparent that workers in the automotive, construction, fabrication and metal roofing industries needed a glove that would provide a secure grip in wet or oily conditions. That glove also needed to be launderable without shrinkage or delamination and comfortable to wear. The initial product to emerge from R and enter the market had a nylon liner flat-dipped in a sponge nitrile coating that absorbs twice as much oil as competitor gloves. From this initial concept, R went on to create hi-vis, light-oil-absorbency, and three-quarter dipped versions of the glove. Now, to meet workplace PPE needs where cuts to the hand are a risk, Zorb-IT Ultra was developed.

Thus, one glove concept — the need for a glove that would provide grip despite oily conditions — has led to a growing family of five glove models. Zorb-IT family gloves beat the competition nearly two-to-one in oil/grease absorption and — as a cost-saving bonus — three-to-one in launderability.
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