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Dymax Corporation is a leading manufacturer of advanced light-curable adhesives, coatings, oligomers, dispensing systems, and light-curing equipment. The products manufactured by Dymax provide design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and lower their costs.


At Dymax, we're committed to providing our customers with the solutions they need for their specific application challenges. Inherent in the Dymax Edge approach is the commitment to view our customers' challenges differently by listening, focusing, and using an entire toolbox of resources and expertise to deliver the most efficient solution. This expertise isn't limited to the formulation of chemistry or the calibration of a machine. Rather, it's defined by a depth and breadth of knowledge that allows us to devise innovative solutions based on an optimal balance of materials, chemistry, and equipment. The Dymax Edge is more than the combined resources of product, technology, and service. It's the fundamental belief that you best serve a customer when you look at the need from their perspective, not yours.

Application Expertise:

Our Application Engineers assist manufacturers with product and process design, testing, evaluation, and pre-production trials through the life of the assembly process. The Application Engineering lab is available to perform comprehensive bonding studies for manufacturers who are contemplating assembly with light-curable adhesives.

Light-Curable Products:

  • Adhesives – for glass, plastic, metal, and ceramic
  • Coatings – conformal (for electronics) dome/decorative, keypad, and optically clear hard coatings
  • Encapsulants – for electronics, especially on flexible circuits
  • Gasketing Resins – for sealing against moisture, sound, and vibration
  • Masking Materials – for substrate protection during coating, plating, and blasting processes
  • Potting Compounds – less than 9.5 mm [0.295 in] deep

Conventional Arc-Bulb and LED Light-Curing Equipment:
  • Spot Lamps – for addressing small-area curing
  • Flood Lamps – for R&D or production curing of larger areas
  • Conveyors – for large-scale production
  • Radiometers – for measuring curing intensity levels and monitoring process parameters

Dispense Systems:



  • BlueWave® UV/Visible Light-Curing Systems offer high intensity and user-friendly operation. They primarily emit UVA and blue visible light (300-450 nm) and are designed for light curing of adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants.
  • LED Light-Curing Systems offer many advantages over conventional spot-curing systems including no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm-up, and constant intensity. The lamps generate curing energy using high-intensity LEDs and are used to cure coatings and adhesives.
  • See-Cure Technology patented built-in cure validation intentionally transitions the blue color of the adhesive to colorless after it has cured building a visible safety factor into the assembly process.
  • Ultra-Red™ Fluorescing Technology – fluoresces bright red when exposed to low intensity UV light to enhance bond-line inspection processes and product authentication.
  • LED-Curable Adhesives specially formulated to provide fast to ultra-fast cure speeds when used with Dymax LED curing systems in order to accommodate specific assembly needs.

The company serves the assembly needs of the medical, electronic, optical, aerospace, automotive, appliance, metal finishing, and alternative energy markets worldwide.

  • Privately held
  • Facilities in the USA, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore
  • 250+ employees worldwide
  • 30+ patents
  • Inc. 5000 list member
  • Products sold directly and through worldwide network of distributors and sales partners 

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