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ELVEX® has been providing quality safety equipment solutions to millions of workers for over thirty-five years. We are a leading designer and manufacturer with hundreds of distribution partners in the United States and sales to 60 countries throughout the world.

We focus our solutions in safety eyewear, head, face, hearing and respiratory protection products, as well as a full line of chain saw protective clothing. A respected industry leader, ELVEX® serves a variety of industries including: mining, oil & gas, construction, power generation, forestry, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing and more!

ELVEX® delivers a continuous flow of new and innovative problem-solving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Below are the latest product highlights: 

Elvex® offers over 30 styles of safety glasses that are comfortable and lightweight! Available in Bifocals, Ballistic Rated, Full Magnifying Ballistic Rated Bifocals, and ANSI Z87.1 Standard safety glasses. 

The latest addition is the Elvex® Denali™ is our full feature premium eyewear with lifetime frame warranty, vented brow guard for added impact protection and pantoscopic angle adjustment.  Save up to 47% with replacement lenses!  

In addition, Elvex® offers over 30 face shields of world class quality and durability to meet your specific work environment!  Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, specialty coatings and absorbers, our face shields features a universal hole pattern that is designed to fit Elvex and competitive headgear. 

Select from Welding, Gold or Electric Arc to Flat, Molded Polycarbonate and Premium Lexan face shields.

Our Hearing Protection delivers on-the-job performance.  From ear muffs to earplugs, passive ear muffs in both cap mount and headband style- ELVEX® offers safety solutions for your most challenging acoustic environments and applications. 

The Elvex® Flat-Liner™ Hi Viz ear muff with 20% lower headband pressure is now available in a hi-viz yellow color where an increase in visibility is required!  Another update, are the Elvex® Quattro™ reusable ear plugs now with a 27 NRR and made in the USA.

Elvex® provides a complete Chain Saw Safety Series product line designed by professionals that delivers head-to-leg protection. Our ProGuard™ integrated logger system, ProChaps™ leg protection made with our exclusive Prolar™ protective padding that stops a chain saw in milliseconds, plus our ProGloves™ and ProMitts™ hand protection.    

We have re-designed the Elvex® ProVest™ II that now offers more protection, side adjustment buckles and breathable/water resistant material.  The open design with mesh back panel is great for cooling in hot weather and side buckles that allow for winter jackets to be worn underneath.   Made with our Prolar™ padding it complies with ASTM standards.

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