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Our name is widely known and respected as a top-quality manufacturer of industrial rubber products, including air, automotive, aviation, bulk transfer, chemical, hand-built, marine, water, welding and multipurpose industrial hose. HBD/Thermoid, Inc. also produces a variety of other products such as industrial ducting, power transmission belts, conveyor belting, coated rubber fabrics, industrial rubber bands, rubber budding strips and rubber roll coverings. HBD/Thermoid, Inc. has always provided its customers with application engineered products that are technologically advanced in a personalized, customer friendly manner.

All Thermoid? brand products, some of which have a 130-year-old legacy of excellence behind them, are produced at HBD/Thermoid, Inc.?s five manufacturing plants: Bellefontaine, OH; Chanute, KS; Elgin, SC; Oneida, TN and Salisbury, NC. Thermoid? brand products are used by thousands of industrial customers and consumers around the world. Agriculture, aviation, automotive, basic manufacturing, construction, graphics, food processing, mining, petroleum, railroads, robotics, steel production, transportation and textile manufacturing are just a few of the many markets our products serve.

All of the comprehensive and competitively priced products manufactured by HBD/Thermoid, Inc. are produced in environmentally safe manufacturing facilities that operate under the guidance of ISO 9001Quality Systems. Our expert design and application engineering staff is available to assist and consult with customers, product design engineers and OEMs on new products or product systems. All Thermoid? brand products are thoroughly tested and application engineered to ensure long-term performance and worker safety. HBD/Thermoid, Inc. products are available world-wide through a select group of industrial distributors supplying the MRO requirements of customers serving the manufacturing, construction, agricultural, processing, mining, forestry, mineral exploration, transportation, repairs, recreation and consumer markets. Additionally, our product stocking warehouses are conveniently located to provide for timely delivery of any type of hose, belt, conveyor belting, ducting, rubber band or any other HBD/Thermoid, Inc. products that you or your customers may need.

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