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Helical Products Company Inc. is the original manufacturer of the Helical coupling (beam style). It is machined from one piece of material into a specific configuration that incorporates special design requirements, performance features or characteristics. The flexible element called the HELI-CAL® Flexure makes bar stock flexible and can be used as a coupling, u-joint or machined spring. Used as a flexible coupling or u-joint, the flexure utilizes its curved beam to transmit torque while compensating for lateral, axial, and angular misalignment movements. When used as a spring, the flexure provides desired and precise elastic performance in compression, extension, torsion, lateral bending and lateral displacement modes. A specific advantage of this technology is that it enables customer specified end attachments such as tangs, clamps, flanges or threaded ends to be integrated into a single, multi-functional component. These highly engineered products can be made from materials such as corrosion resistant steels, aluminum alloys, Delrin® and titanium and can be found in applications ranging from satellite instruments and scientific apparatus to conveyors, medical devices and oil field equipment.

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