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Mercotac Inc
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Mercotac Inc. was founded in 1978 to manufacture unique, high quality - low cost rotating electrical connectors. Since then, the design and manufacturing process has been continually improved and the product line expanded. For over 28 years, Mercotac Rotating Electrical Connectors have been developed to meet the needs of a large variety of industrial machinery applications.

The demand for Mercotac Connectors continues to expand with the increasing use of electronics and computer controls and the necessity for always improving slip ring technology. By utilizing the latest technology equipment available together with time-tested quality control measures we guarantee high-quality and reliable Mercotac Connectors. Many of the customers of Mercotac Inc. were using standard brush style" slip rings until they discovered our uniquely-designed rotating electrical connectors, and have subsequently replaced the old technology slip rings with superior Mercotac Rotating Electrical Connectors."

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