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Shortridge Instruments, Inc. manufactures and provides factory direct sales and service for electronic air and water balance instruments. The ADM series AirData Multimeters may be used as hand-held portable meters for air velocity, pressure and temperature measurement. These meters may also be used to obtain direct air flow readings with an 8400 FlowHood kit. Any model meter can be upgraded to a model with greater capabilities whenever needed. The Models ADM-880C and ADM870C provide maximum capability for the most demanding air balance requirements. These models include an RS232 communication port, which allows serial output to a printer or computer. The Model ADM-850L is a simplified version of the AirData Multimeter. Please note that any of the ADM series AirData Multimeter kits may be purchased with or without the 8400 FlowHood kit. The FlowHood CFM-88L is used for air flow, temperature and absolute pressure measurement only, and comes complete with a CFM-88L meter, TemProbe and an air capture hood. The FlowHood Model CFM-850L has added functions for pitot tube air velocity, differential pressure, and temperature measurement.

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