Stronghold Coating Systems
Stronghold Coating Systems
About Stronghold Coating Systems

Stronghold Coatings provides custom polymeric products and process development for thermal spray coating applications, including ARC, Plasma and HVOF.


We specialize in solving complex issues of wear, friction, adhesion, and corrosion. Our resources include 6-axis robotic application systems, an extensive technical database, and more than 50 years of combined experience in thermal spray technology.


For companies who need an engineered coating solution, we're uniquely qualified to solve issues related to field performance, film consistency, conductivity, sustainability, and cost. Our materials expertise includes metals, ceramics, composites, thermoplastics, and epoxies.


Metallic and ceramic coatings developed by Stronghold are applicable up to 1/2" thick; the heat and pressure inherent in our processes produces a finish that is exceptionally hard, smooth and low in porosity.


Stronghold offers a broad range of advanced thermal spray products, custom product development, technical programs, on-site application, and expert training. We have extensive credentials in commercial, aviation and military projects.


For ultimate coatings performance, you need a Stronghold Solution!

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