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Videx manufactures access control and data collection products. Videx access control products include an extensive line of CyberLock? electronic lock cylinders. These intelligent cylinders install in existing mechanical lock hardware without the need for expensive structural changes, or hardwiring. Once installed, CyberLocks control and monitor access to doors, cabinets, safes, padlocks?.virtually anywhere a lock is present. CyberLocks are pick-proof and the keys cannot be duplicated. Both the lock and key store a record of events, providing a comprehensive audit trail for management.

Videx data collectors include a complete family of portable, handheld barcode scanners and iButton readers. The LaserLite? and TimeWand? barcode scanners are ideal for applications such as job tracking, warehouse inventory, file and asset tracking, and inmate tracking in correctional institutions. The PulseStar? and TouchProbe? iButton readers are widely used in agriculture, and for jail cell checks and security guard routes.

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