PanelSpray Systems


PanelSpray systems can help overcome a variety of problems that result from over- or under-application of resin, wax, water and release agents during production. One or more of these systems can help ensure the proper volume of fluid is delivered to chips, mats, cauls or belts.

  • PanelSpray-RS for PMDI or LPF resin application in the blender
  • PanelSpray-WX for slack wax, tallow wax or e-wax application in the blender
  • PanelSpray-MS for surface moisture addition prior to pressing boards
  • PanelSpray for mixed release agent application on mats, cauls or press belts when using PMDI resins
  • PanelSpray-NM for nail line marking on oriented strand board (OSB)



  • Use Precision Spray Control (PSC) to ensure accurate application with minimal waste even when tonnage varies or line speed changes
  • Reduce use of costly resins, waxes or release agents by applying only the volume needed
  • Increases production by applying the optimal amount of surface moisture to decrease time in the press
  • Protects presses against sticking when making the transition to running full MDI products
  • Eliminates the need for compressed air in most wax and pre-press operations

Ideal for:

  • OSB
  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Other engineered wood products
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